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Coronavirus disrupting your workout routine? Here’s how to take up jogging – safely

- 01/02/2021

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Despite Ron Burgundy’s reputation for journalistic excellence, he got it wrong about running. I mean, you could just run for an extended period of time with no real goal in mind, but that’s not going to deliver much in the way of results. Cardio training is no different than strength training – it has to be structured in a progressive manner using specific methods. The two most practical methods are:

  • Steady-state: This is the essence of jogging, the entry-point for most. Simply strap on your shoes and run, elevating your heart rate to a manageable level (around 130-150 beats per minute) for at least 30 minutes. Speed isn’t your priority here; you’re trying to establish a distance metric to measure your future runs against.
  • High-intensity: This is where speed counts. Do your best Usain Bolt impression and blast off, aiming for 10 seconds of all-out sprinting. Rest for up to 60 seconds, then repeat for 8-10 sets.

Of course, you can apply either of these methods to just about any form of exercise, from biking or skipping to walking or rollerblading.

Before we get started

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